Mechanical joint problems within the top of the spine can cause not just physical pain in the neck and shoulders, but also migraines and headaches as well. A headache caused by neck pain is officially referred to as a cervicogenic headache, and these painful sensations in the head result from the reactions of nerves within joints unable to move to their full extent. This is different from headaches that result from the tightening of muscles around the neck as a whole; these “tension headaches” are often thought of as resulting from stress, but they can occur from posture-related issues that slowly develop over time.

Regardless of the common physical cause, a headache can easily be addressed at a chiropractic clinic without the need for complex treatment procedures. If a degenerated spine joint that is unable to appropriately move is the cause of the problem, that can effectively cause a perpetual headache that will last until the mechanical joint problem is given proper treatment at its source. Fortunately, Complete Chiropractic can administer a treatment process that is highly effective at alleviating the pain and fixing the underlying mechanical fault with the spine joint.

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