District of Columbia’s Top Rated Local® Chiropractors Award Winner: Complete Chiropractic

If you are looking for chiropractic care that will get you feeling your personal best, look no further than this award-winning company!

Complete Chiropractic has received many overwhelmingly positive reviews across four different verified sites with an average rating of 5.00 stars, earning them an impressive Rating Score™ of 98.00 and two 2019 Top Rated Local awards for ranking as one of the top 20 businesses and the number one chiropractor in District of Columbia!

Here’s just one of their many five-star reviews:

“Over the course of more than one year, I’ve seen three physical therapists and one orthopedic surgeon to treat a sports-related lower back injury. All of them helped me, but none gave me as much hope to resume a normal life as Dr. Rosenberg. He’s a consummate professional and a very trustworthy doctor. You can tell that he really enjoys helping people. I cannot thank him enough for such a drastic improvement in my quality of life in a matter of weeks. If you’re looking for top-notch care at a reasonable price, be sure to seek out Complete Chiropractic.”

It is because of excellent reviews like this that Complete Chiropractic is now able to call themselves a Top Rated Local award winner!

Not Your Average Chiropractic Clinic

We were excited to learn all about Complete Chiropractic and how they have gotten where they are today, so we sat down with the owner, Dr. Jason Rosenberg.

The first thing we wanted to know was what it is that makes Complete Chiropractic stand apart from its competitors. Dr. Jason Rosenberg told us a bit about the personal level of care they offer their patients, saying:

“It’s a very personal level of care. When patients come to Complete Chiropractic, we’ll create a treatment plan together. It’s not me saying, “You need to do this, this, and this.” It’s really listening to what the patient’s goals are, and forming a plan so we can get them back to that goal without being unrealistic or taking them too far away from what they like to do.”

He went on to tell us about their business mission, and why he does what he does:

“I started Complete Chiropractic with the sole focus of creating a place where patients feel welcomed and supported. We see everyone, from folks who are sitting at a desk 60 hours a week, to weekend warriors. We find ways to really help patients achieve their goals, whether it’s preparing for a marathon, getting back to coaching their kids’ sports team, or managing chronic pain, that’s what I try to do every day.”

Building Success By Focusing On The Patient

Complete Chiropractic has earned a fantastic reputation, so we asked Dr. Jason Rosenberg what their secret is behind getting such incredible online reviews. He said:

“Everything we do is about providing excellent service. We are very patient-centered. I think the online reviews reflect that. I always strive for patients to feel valued, listened to, and that their care is personalized.”

There are many businesses out there that are looking to build as impressive a reputation as Complete Chiropractic has managed to. We asked if Dr. Jason Rosenberg could share any expert advice with these companies. Here’s what he had to say:

“It really all comes down to being good to your patients. Shape your business around their needs and value their feedback in order to keep improving.”