Who pays for Chiropractic Care after a Slip & Fall at Friend’s Home

So you slipped and fell at your neighbor’s home. Maybe that neighbor is a big DIY’er who thought he or she could install a staircase on their own. Maybe the steps were uneven or the handrail let go.

Regardless of the accident, it’s left you nursing an injury. Perhaps broken bones, bruises, or pulled muscles now cause you pain. Seeking the care of a chiropractor could put you on the mend, but who will pay for it?

Getting the Care You Need

Slip and fall injuries not only vary in their causes but also in the effects. Frequent causes of slip and fall accidents are:

  • Sidewalks — broken and uneven or covered in snow and ice
  • Stairs — broken and uneven landing treads or handrails, or a foreign substance present
  • Flooring — loose area rugs, broken tiles, uneven levels, or presence of a foreign substance

These types of accidents can result in injuries that may improve under the care of a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment focuses on:

  • Spinal manipulation to restore mobility
  • Pain relief of muscles, joints, bones and connective tissue

Each year, millions of Americans seek care and guidance from chiropractors. The adjustments they perform have helped accident victims get back to their normal, daily routines.

Paying Your Medical Bills

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident at the home of a friend or loved one, you could be entitled to a personal injury claim – one that would cover all expenses related to your medical treatments.

It can be a difficult conversation to have with that homeowner, to explain that he or she could be held responsible for your medical bills. Reputable attorneys will understand this delicate situation and how to handle a family member or friend in the event you pursue a case.

First, it can be helpful to find out if the homeowner has insurance. If the homeowner is liable, homeowners’ insurance may kick in to provide liability or medical coverage. With both of these, most slip and fall accidents are covered, though there may be limits on the amount of payouts. If a limit is lower than your medical bills, the homeowner could be on the hook to pick up the remaining tab.

If the homeowner does not have insurance, you can try negotiating with them to pay out of pocket for your medical bills. A slip and fall accident lawyer Washington D.C. residents recommend will understand that this may be an unpleasant process with someone you know.

The slip and fall was not your fault. You shouldn’t have to pay out of your own pocket for your medical bills. In the event the homeowner isn’t willing to cooperate, or if their insurance won’t cover enough, you may want to consider a personal injury case against them. Cases like this can often be settled well before ever needing to go to court.

Let a Lawyer Help

Lawyers understand the impact this personal injury is having on your life. If you’re seeking care from a chiropractor, that is taking time out of your daily routine and money out of your pocket.

You deserve compensation for what’s happened. Let a law firm help you get it.

Thanks to our friends and contributors from Cohen & Cohen, P.C., for their insight into slip and fall injuries.